Third party moulding of thermoplastic materials

PLASTIN, a trustworthy partner.

Plastin features an equipped area for the manufacture of plastic components for machinery used in many application fields and a vast customer base that avails of the services and professionalism of the company.

Here are some examples:

    • automated scrubbers and automated sweepers
    • labelling machines
    • bottling machines
    • equipment for ceramic layers
    • palletising systems

The machinery park is composed of injection moulding machines whose tonnage varies from 25 tons to 350 tons, supplied with all the necessary equipment for the finishing of plastic parts.

Furthermore, Plastin, can print any type of technopolymer. To name but a few examples: Nylon, ABS, Polypropylene, Polystyrene (PPS), Acetal Resin.

 PLASTIN srl is a leading company in Italy and abroad for the production of technical articles in blown and injected thermoplastic materials. For twenty years it has been a guarantee of experience and professionalism and is a certified UNI ISO 9001 company. Our working process begins by receiving the design draft from the client, so the projects goes to our technical departments for a technical revision and finally going into production, after client’s approval. The delivery is quick and agreed with our client.

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