PLASTIN is the leader in the production of blow moulded and injection moulded thermoplastic items

Through its professionalism and competence, Plastin has become a leader in the production of blow moulded technical items (drums and tanks), and injection moulded technical items (accessories and components) for a vast range of goods sectors, becoming an integral part of the supply chain of leading manufacturing industries of mini hydraulic power packs and tail lifts.

Equipment used by the technical office:

  • CAD station for technical design of 3D parts.

Rapid prototyping:

  • 3D printer with work surface 295-195 h165

Mould production and moulding:

  • Mechanical workshop with machinery to manufacture injection and blow moulds
  • Ten machines for injection moulding from 25 tons to 350 tons
  • Three machines for blow moulding with accumulator head from 25l to 60l
  • Three machines for blow moulding with continuous extrusion from 0.2l to 6l