Blow moulding

Blow moulding, our flagship product.

In the blow moulding process, a fused plastic product matrix is extruded in the form of a vertical tube (parison) which is pressed inside two halves of a mould (manufactured entirely in PLASTIN). This tube is then blown with air to take the inner shape of the mould. It is then subsequently cooled and released in the final form of the container.

For over thirty years, PLASTIN has been using this type of process, ensuring an excellent end product, guaranteed by experience and constant investments. For larger containers, the fused polymer must be extruded very quickly, otherwise it risks “stretching” by effect of gravity. This is called intermittent extrusion, which usually only produces one piece for each machine cycle. PLASTIN also supplies smaller containers using machinery that can reach production of considerable quantities. This allows production of large quantities of containers at competitive prices, thereby supporting industry needs.

Professionals in the production of BLOW MOULDS (drums and tanks) and INJECTION MOULDS (accessories and components)

Through its professionalism and competence, Plastin has become a leader in the production of blow moulded technical items (drums and tanks), and injection moulded technical items (accessories and components) for a vast range of goods sectors, becoming an integral part of the supply chain of leading manufacturing industries of mini hydraulic power packs and tail lifts.

PLASTIN is a strategically positioned company in Correggio, in the Province of Reggio Emilia and is located at the heart of the Emilia-based industrial fabric, right in the specialist district where plastic material moulding was established. This strategic location allows us to avail of a vast range of contacts, collaborators and partner companies, on which multiple projects from working relationships depend and a rich offering of services and products to draw on.

We produce large quantities at competitive prices, supporting industry needs.