Design and construction of molds

The process we use for the design and construction of molds, finalized to the production of plastic materials, is a true guarantee of quality and reliability. From 3D design, we build molds through the use of CAD-CAM software and we offer:

  • Assistance and consultancy during all stages of the project development
  • 3D models to verify step-by-step the working process with the customer
  • Prototypes to support the testing phase

PLASTIN srl is a leading company in Italy and abroad for the production of technical articles in blown and injected thermoplastic materials. For twenty years it has been a guarantee of experience and professionalism and is a UNI ISO 9001 certified company.


The construction of a mold requires multiple and specific skills, technological and technical support, mechanical and construction know how. This allows us to create valid products that are able to:

  • Support intense and full regime productions
  • High quality standards
  • Speed of execution in regards to customer’s timeline
  • Cost optimization

The working process we have adopted starts with a feasibility study, thanks to which we are able to identify the characteristics that the mold and the finished product are going to have. This is when we start the construction of the mold and creation of the samples and prototypes to be tested. When the prototypes are approved, we will start the actual production.

PLASTIN department for the design and construction of molds, allows the company to better serve multiple industrial segments:

    • excavation machinery
    • mini hydraulic power packs
    • industrial automated scrubbers
    • small domestic appliances
    • industrial pressure washers
    • materials for control analysis laboratories

PLASTIN, guaranteed quality.

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