From technical design to mass production

PLASTIN has developed, with professionalism and competence, the leadership in the production of blown technical articles (drums and tanks), and injected (accessories and components) for a wide range of product sectors, becoming an important part of the “Supply Chain” of the best manufacturing industries of mini hydraulic power packs and tail lifts.

Plastin can deal with a client from the initial technical design to final mass production.


PLASTIN is a strategically positioned company in Correggio, in the Province of Reggio Emilia and is located at the heart of the Emilia-based industrial fabric, right in the specialist district where plastic material moulding was established. This strategic location allows us to avail of a vast range of contacts, collaborators and partner companies, on which multiple projects from working relationships depend and a rich offering of services and products to draw on.

The manufactured products allow us to service multiple industrial sectors:

  • excavation machinery
  • mini hydraulic power packs
  • industrial automated scrubbers
  • small domestic appliances
  • industrial pressure washers
  • materials for control analysis laboratories

The production capacity avails of versatile equipment with advanced technological potential;

  • blowers capable of producing items from 1 l to 50 l capacity
  • injection moulding machines (from 25 tons to 350 tons)
  • equipment for finishing and packaging the entire production range

PLASTIN srl is a leading company in Italy and abroad in the production of technical items in blow moulded and injection moulded thermoplastic materials. For over twenty years, it has guaranteed experience and professionalism and is a UNI ISO 9001 certified company.



Via Costituzione, 65 42015 Correggio (RE)
TELEPHONE: +39 0522 637530

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